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Pros / Cons
  • 3D software package with great stability.
  • Set notes and colorize players.
  • High traffic in tournaments and ring games.
  • Supports Seven and Five Card Draw games.
  • Almost all the traffic in Texas Holdem.
  • Lacks special game modes like Turbo.
  • Virtually no promotions.

Summary (4.1)

If good software, some game variety and quite soft competition is important to you, this room may be a your choice. HoldemPoker is part of a large network and offers a software package with many special features, cool graphics a stable server to client system. The traffic is usually in Texas Hold’em, mainly No Limit, but you will also find quite a considerable amount of Omaha players. Unfortunately, there is little to say about the promotions, sign up bonuses as well as loyalty rewards, as HoldemPoker focuses on other key qualities. This is obviously not important to all players, but if it is, looks elsewhere.

Software (6)

This is quite a software package! HoldemPoker offers an exciting 3D interface which, graphically, competes well with the best. Not only is it looking good: you get a lot of options from the preferences menu, to customize your lobby and table to your needs. The sounds are good as well and you won’t be hearing any constant, annoying sounds. Reliability is an important factor these days as a lack of this can ruin your day if you’re in the middle of a tournament. Luckily, HoldemPoker does this really well. If you are into characterizing your opponents, you will be happy to learn that you can set colors and notes of any specific player. The only disadvantage would be the game speed. It is unfortunately rather slow sometimes and unnecessary wait times occur before the flop, which is bad. On the other hand, this opens the possibility to play at multiple tables without having to stress. Last but not least, you can also play Black Jack, which is tightly integrated with the poker client.

Traffic (5)

HoldemPoker is part of a huge network. Because of this, you are likely to find thousands of players online at all times. During peak times as many as 15,500 players are connected, and this number is growing every month. HoldemPoker is more focused on ring games, and therefore you will see approximately two thirds of all users at such tables, while the rest stick to tournaments.

Tournaments (4)

This is a good place for any tournament player who is looking for heavily trafficated tables. During peak hours, this number can grow up to as much as 13,000, although it usually stays at half that amount. You will be able to find the regular, scheduled tournaments, sit-n-goes ranging from $5 to $100 in buy-in and alike, but unfortunately, there aren’t that many special high profile freerolls offering buy-ins to WSOP, WPT and the other fancy competitions.

Game Variety (5)

As explained in the traffic review, most of the competition is found in Texas Holdem No Limit games. As expected, you can play these games in Pot Limit and Fixed Limit as well. But the Omaha player will be happy to learn that Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo is available as well. These tables are usually enough populated to offer many games. On the other hand, if you are a 7 Card Stud or 5 Card Stud player, you will find these tables as well, although not as populated as Omaha.

Soft Competition (4)

This is without a doubt a huge network. Thousands of players are connected and this usually means that a lot of bad players reside here, too. Although HoldemPoker will not offer you the softest competition, you’re still not far away from the lowest levels. Most of the tables at $2/$4 stakes deliver play at 45% seen flops, which is a lot. High stake tables provide for slightly tougher environments, while the low stake tables are – as always – filled with soft players and flop views sometimes exceeding 70%.

Sign Up Bonus (3)

We are currently able to offer together with HoldemPoker an exclusive 100% up to $100 bonus on your first deposit, plus a free ticket to a beginner’s tournament. To get this simply use our HoldemPoker deposit code.

Loyalty Rewards (4)

HoldemPoker does not offer anything breathtaking for its loyal members. You can collect so called Player Points, or PP:s, and these can later be used for Grand Series of Poker events (note that this is not the same as World Series of Poker). Unfortunately, it gets tougher than that. You have to get on a special top list of acquired Player Points, which means that it is virtually impossible for low stakes players or even high stakes players who play only every now and then. On the other hand, the most loyal players get their reward, but we still feel that this just won�t do it.

Promotions (6)

You can qualify for World Series of Poker for only $1. The chance to do so is obviously very small, however. HoldemPoker usually offer special Quad and royal flush bonuses, meaning that if you score four of a kind or a royal flush with at least one of your own cards involved, you earn a specified amount of money. This promotion usually changes to different numbers, but it�s usually either up to $100 or $500, depending on the hand and the blinds.

Support (1)

HoldemPoker offer customer support by e-mail as well as 24/7 telephone and live chat. This has greatly improved in 2006. We find the response times to be fast, accurate and well informative.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (4)

Deposits: Credit Card, NETeller, Click to Pay, FirePay, FPS Epassporte and InstaCash.
Cash-outs: NETeller, FirePay, PrePaid, Click to Pay, ATM, chek, courier check and FPS Epassporte.

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