best casino bonuses
Blog 01-05-2020

The Best Casino Bonuses: How to Recognize Them?

It’s no secret that online casinos have established a strong competition to attract customers through bonuses. However, among so many options, choosing among the best ones is not an easy task. Even worse, many casinos launch a kind of misleading advertising, offering bonuses that look very generous at first sight. But they hide behind them […]

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Wild Cherries Slot Machine
Reviews 08-04-2020

Wild Cherries Slot Machine by Booming Games Review

Wild Cherries slot is a 5-reel slot from Booming Games. The slot’s variance is unknown, but the RTP is at 96.82%. With 20 bet ways, players can win more money should they land the feature symbols like the multiplier wilds and the scatter symbols. Even if it is a five-reel slot, the game takes after […]

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how to play Texas Hold'em
Poker Strategy 10-03-2020

Texas Hold’em: How to play and how it differs from other poker games

Want to play poker? If you’re new to the game, catching on isn’t too bad. But there’s a lot more to poker than amateur players might think. Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in America. And if you’ve been invited to play, typically you can assume that whoever’s asking you is referring […]

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best-starting hands in Texas Hold'em
Poker Strategy 10-03-2020

Top 7 Best-starting Hands in Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is widely considered one of the most classic varieties of poker. Whether or not it was actually one of the first styles played, when people ask you to play poker, you can pretty much just assume that they’re asking you to play Texas Hold’em. The game itself is well-known for famous tournaments and […]

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Playing Online Poker in Pennsylvania
News 02-09-2019

Playing Online Poker in Pennsylvania

If you’ve followed the news of the last few years, you surely heard that online gaming and sports betting are now legal in many states across the U.S, including Pennsylvania, and are growing by the day. The more exciting news for us Poker Players is that Online poker may also be part of this exciting […]

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Poker in New york
Poker Travel 24-08-2019

Playing Poker in New York City

Visiting the big apple and want to enjoy a fun poker night? You probably heard about it or saw it in the movies. These underground poker clubs, which are probably a part of NYC’s fabric as its diners or corner bars. NYPost wrote a great article about the seedy world of underground NY poker clubs. […]

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most popular poker game
Poker Strategy 01-07-2019

Which Poker Game is The Most Popular?

Steeped in history, one of the earliest forms of poker adapted from As Nas, a Persian game that featured five suits of five cards in a deck. Since then, the game has evolved and grown in popularity throughout the decades, which has led to many fantastic variations hitting online and land-based casinos. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular poker games in the world so that you […]

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Ramon Colillas
Poker Superstars 31-05-2019

The Amazing Story of Ramon Colillas: A Poker Champion

You might expect what has been described as the most important poker tournament ever to have been won by an established poker superstar. Yet in true Chris Moneymaker style, the recent PokerStars Players’ Championship was not won by a big name, or even a name that most in the poker world had even heard of. Walking away with […]

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