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Roulette vs Poker: The Differences and Similarities

Roulette vs Poker

Roulette and Poker are two of the most well known and widely played casino games aof all times. You’ll find versions of both in almost any casino, whether it be in physical locations around the world or online at sites like online-roulette.com.

There are various reasons for the popularity of both games and some people gravitate more towards one game than the other. When choosing between Roulette and Poker, it really comes down to personal taste.

To help you discover which game might be more suited to you, this article examines the key differences and similarities between these two casino classics.

Roulette and Poker Similarities

As far as the actual gameplay goes, Roulette and Poker are very different. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any similarities that can be found between them.

Strategic play

Both games require a certain amount of luck but, to increase the odds of winning, players can employ their own strategies.

A strategy doesn’t guarantee a win but it improves your chances by giving you a set of guidelines to stick to in various gameplay situations. The strategy is used to tip the scales in your favor.

You can use a gameplay strategy, which will be unique to the game you’re playing. You can also make use of betting strategies where you place different wagers depending on the outcome of a game. The Martingale strategy is a popular betting strategy that is used across many different casino games and even in sports betting and forex trading.

roulette and poker

Luck and Probability

You can use the best strategy in the world and be a great player but you still need to have luck on your side to win in Roulette and Poker.

Roulette is very heavily based on luck since the whole outcome of the game relies on the ball landing in a random spot on the wheel. Poker also requires some luck since the cards are shuffled and dealt at random to players.

As a result of these random elements in each game, a good knowledge of probability will help with your bets and guide your actions.

For example, knowing exactly which bets on the Roulette table have the most favorable risk-to-reward ratio is crucial for placing smart bets that align with your risk tolerance and playstyle.

Poker and Roulette Differences

The obvious difference between the games is they are played very differently from each other. Obviously, one is a card game and the other is a table game with a wheel. Aside from the contrasting gameplay, the list below outlines the main differences between the games.


An extreme difference between Poker and Roulette is how simple they are to play for newcomers. Roulette is a very accessible game since the premise is straightforward: place a bet on where you think the ball will land.

To win regularly, you need to use more advanced strategies and have a deeper understanding, but Roulette is easy to get started with for beginners.

Poker, on the other hand, involves a number of rules and complex terminology. This makes it a lot more difficult for new players to even get started, let alone stand a chance of winning against experienced players.

As a result, playing Poker privately with your friends is the best way to learn the game before playing on open tables in the casino.

roulette and poker table
An extreme difference between Poker and Roulette is how simple they are to play for newcomers.

House Edge

When playing Roulette, you are playing directly against the casino. To ensure the casino always makes money from these types of games in the long run, they are designed with features to increase the house edge. The house edge in Roulette is determined by the green zero pockets on the wheel.

The zero pockets decrease the chances of the ball landing on other pockets but the payouts don’t match the decreased odds, which means the house edge is increased. The North American version of Roulette features an additional “double-zero” pocket to enhance the house edge further. For this reason, European Roulette should always be played over the North American version.

Poker on the other hand has no house edge whatsoever because players are betting against each other and not the casino. The casinos make money by charging a fee for playing at the table so it doesn’t matter to them how much is won or lost during the game itself.

Bad Luck Can Win Poker

Earlier, I mentioned the amount of luck that is involved in winning both games. Well, the way luck works in the games can be very different. 

In Roulette, bad luck means the ball hasn’t landed in the area you have bet on. Of course, this means you lose the money you wagered and can do nothing about it.

In Poker, bad luck would usually mean being dealt a bad hand. Unlike Roulette, you still stand a chance of winning even with this bad deal. By employing clever betting tactics, you can “bluff” your way to make others believe you’re holding better cards than the reality.

In some cases, players with better hands might simply fold as they wrongly believe their cards to be inferior to yours.

5 Video Poker Strategies That Can Help You Win

video poker

If you love poker, you’ve probably played Video Poker once or twice, or maybe more. This popular version first appeared in the casino scene back in the ’70s and has skyrocketed ever since. In this post, we’ll discuss a few smart video poker strategies that can help you elevate your game. But let’s start at the very beginning, for those who’re new to this. 

What is Video Poker? And How Do You Play It?

Video poker is basically based on five-card draw poker. The game is played on a computerized console similar to a slot machine, or online. You can find plenty of free video poker games with no registration

Playing video poker is quite simple. After you insert money into the machine, you place a bet of one or more credits and press the “deal” button. You’re given 5 cards (hence five-card draw) and you now have the option to discard one or more of them in exchange for new cards drawn from the same virtual deck. After the draw, the machine will payout if the hands played match one of the winning combinations (these are posted on the paytable). Contrary to table poker, you may discard all five of your original cards if you choose so. 

One of the reasons why video poker became so popular, is the fact that it’s one of the few casino games in which the house does not have the advantage it enjoys in most other table games or slot machines. With this in mind, there are plenty of tips and some basic strategies you should follow.

Video Poker Strategies You Should Know 

1. Before You Play, Practice

Practice is key in acquiring and honing any skill, no matter the field. Any sport requires extensive practice sessions in order to know the game and to excel at it. The same goes for playing video poker. Despite not being anywhere as intense as soccer, rugby, or other sports – it does have a toll on your mind, and that’s where you need the most practice.

video poker strategies


The best way to practice video poker is by downloading a video poker app to your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Some may cost up to $50 or so (which will probably be well worth the investment), but you can also find video poker apps for free, like this one on the App store

Most video poker applications deliver the same features. They include the pay tables and resultant strategies for a number of video poker games. You’ll be able to customize the games so you can practice the exact game and version that you plan to play in real life. 

2. Know The Pay Tables 

Like other slot machines, Video poker also has pay tables. What are Pay tables? 

Well, video poker games pay a certain amount based on the combination you get as you play. The Pay Tables show for each combination of symbols and the number of coins bet – how many coins or credits you can win. Since all the probabilities mirror a 52-card deck, the odds of getting any one of the symbols in video poker games can be easily calculated.  

Let’s say you have a choice between two video poker machines: One with a Paytable that returns 99.65% with perfect play, while the other returns 97.5%. It may look insignificant, but your money will last longer on the first machine, and you’ll increase your chances of beating the house. 

That’s why it’s key that you perform proper research in order to identify and select the video poker machines with the best pay tables. 

3. Know What To Avoid

When you play “Jacks or Better,” (the most common variation of video poker where payoffs begin at a pair of jacks) – avoid the widespread blunder of holding a kicker. Many players make that mistake, believing that retaining a kicker will give them a bigger chance to win with a higher payout.

You should also refrain from keeping three cards in an attempt to get that straight or flush. It will eventually leave you in a losing position. Having said that, there are cases in which you can keep all three cards and that’s when you really can pull off a valuable straight flush.

You need to understand this basic strategy for winning a video poker machine – don’t ever give up a winning hand just to pursue an even better hand.

4. Play Slower Hands

This might sound like one of those trivial video poker strategies, but it’s probably the only tip that’ll keep you in the game. Yes, we all know that the more we play – the more we tend to lose. However, video poker is different from online poker. 

In the first, the key strategy is to play fewer hands, while in video poker you need to play slow. The last thing you want to do is play fast and lose lots of money in a short period of time. Playing slower hands will lessen your hourly losses, allow you to survive longer on the machine, and increase your chances to hit that royal flush.

So go ahead and take your time, at video poker no one will be pushing you to make your next move. Play slow and safe, at your own time.

5. Always Monitor the Bonuses

As you surely noticed when surfing through online casino sites, there are plenty of promotions and bonus offers at every site, every day of the year. The problem is there are so many bonuses out there – that players tend to ignore them. Don’t do that. 

By finding and targeting the right bonuses and promotions – you can increase your chances to win at video poker. The simple reason is that these bonuses are basically free money for you to play more games. The more games you play on a machine increases your chance to win.

So don’t ignore all these bonus ads, moreover – you should contact a casino’s sales and ask for special bonuses that they might offer you.

Hope you enjoyed our five video poker strategies. Our last tip: If you find yourself in new scenarios where you don’t know what to do – just google it or email us – we’ll be happy to help!

Bingo Vs. Poker – Which Game is Better?

bingo vs poker

With so many different types of gaming out there, it can be difficult to know which games are more fun to play. This all depends on what you want from a game; do you want to understand the complexities and strategies, or do you just want to find a game that is fun and has a chance of winning? Poker and bingo are two of the leading games out there that can be played both online and offline. Here we take a deeper look into both games to see which is better.

Skill Vs. Chance

When looking for a game to play, skill and chance are the first things you should take into consideration. Most games that are classed as gambling games, such as bingo, aren’t considered to have much skill to them. Mostly, bingo is a game of chance, but it doesn’t hurt to learn your odds. The biggest difference between poker and bingo is that poker requires skill. Of course, chance still does come into play when playing poker, but ultimately, it is a game of skill that takes time to learn and practice. If you want a game that is easy to play, bingo is your go-to. If you are interested in learning how poker works and becoming advanced in poker skills, it will take time and a lot of gaming.


The next thing to consider is the risk of the game. Usually, bingo is considered a low-risk game, as the cost to play isn’t very high. With so many bingo websites out there, you can play with as little as you want. Poker may be considered more of a risk as the stakes are often higher. Yes, you can choose to play small poker tournaments but even these are usually higher paying games than bingo. The stakes in most poker games increase, while bingo stays the same.


Bingo games are usually a lot more fun, eye-catching, and interactive than poker games. The fun aspect all comes down to you and what you portray as fun. Everyone likes to dabble with Lady Luck once in a while and winning like this can provide thrills and excitement. Poker is usually more serious and isn’t full of music and exciting graphics. For those who like a game of skill and concentration, poker can be a lot more fun than bingo.

bingo vs. pokerOnline or Offline?

Both of these games can be played offline and online, which is why they are both so popular. If you want to try your hand at bingo, look for the best new bingo games. Playing bingo online can provide better opportunities such as free games and deposit bonuses, which you can’t get in most bingo halls. Playing online poker is usually less daunting to those who haven’t played before and are still struggling with the rules involved. Both provide online chatrooms to talk to other players.

Which game is better solely depends on what you want from your gaming experience. Want a quick, interactive game whilst traveling home from work? Bingo is probably your best choice. Want to sit down with a beer and get into a game that may last a couple of hours? A small poker tournament is going to be your game of choice.

Ladbrokes Poker Review

ladbrokes poker

Summary (7.1)

One of the most trusted bet facilitating brands in the UK, Ladbrokes Poker carries that reputation over into their online poker service. Boasting quick withdrawals, excellent player support, reliable security, and an exceptional online poker tournament selection, there is no mystery behind the rave reviews Ladbrokes Poker has received from their customers.

Ladbrokes Poker regularly provides opportunities for patrons to win a seat in a variety of major live poker events, and offers first-time depositors up to $1000 in bonus cash (with Ladbrokes Poker bonus code: VIPBONUS). The loyalty rewards system benefits players of all stakes and frequency, and lavishes Ladbrokes Poker VIP members with personalized service and exclusive promotions.

The Ladbrokes online poker room offers cross-platform accessibility, with an instant-play browser-based feature supplied in addition to the free PC download version. Overall, Ladbrokes Poker is a highly recommended choice for online poker tournaments, rewards, and promotions.

Software (7)

Ladbrokes utilizes online poker software developed by the Microgaming Network, offering a secure and stable platform that is fully loaded with all of the latest features available. From the standard issue table options and lobby filters to virtually unlimited multi-tabling capabilities, the Ladbrokes software has everything an online poker player needs for exceptional game play; and a few things one may never have thought of. In addition, novice players will find a user-friendly navigational interface that places all of the necessities no more than a few clicks away.

For ultimate flexibility and accessibility, aside from the Windows-compatible Ladbrokes Poker download, a platform independent instant play flash version of the Ladbrokes online poker software is also available for Mac, Linux and Windows users.

Traffic (7)

As a partner of the Microgaming Network, Ladbrokes shares a player pool that reaches into the upper thousands at peak hours. The majority of the player traffic is predominately made up of casino, sportsbook, STT and MTT tournament players; though a significant amount of players keep the action going at the No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha cash tables round-the-clock.

Tournaments (6)

Offering over $3.8M in monthly guaranteed tournament prizes, Ladbrokes runs more than 30 guaranteed online poker tournaments every day. Daily guaranteed tournaments range from the $1+$0.10 $50 GTD Pot Limit Razz with rebuys every day from Monday thru Sunday, to the $100+$10 $10,000 GTD No Limit Hold’em held Monday thru Friday. On Sundays, tournament lovers can compete for a cut of the $100,000 GTD with rebuys, the monthly $200,000 GTD, or the quarterly $500,000 GTD two-day event.

In addition to guaranteed prize tournaments, Ladbrokes also provides newcomers with several freeroll opportunities, leaderboards and points races for MTT and Sit and Go players, and progressive jackpots in both STT and MTT formats.

Game Variety (7)

Players will find an extensive variety of poker forms available at Ladbrokes. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7 Card Stud are obviously present, as well as rarer games such as Razz, 5 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw. However, finding any cash game action in the Stud and Draw variants is next to impossible.

Soft Competition (7)

Players looking for soft competition are sure to find it at Ladbrokes Poker. Sharing the Microgaming Network’s player pool, loose play and juicy games can be found in the low to mid-stake cash games. The smaller buy-in daily Sit and Gos and MTTs also draw a crowd of loose, unskilled players; giving more the serious online poker players an opening to cash in on some nice prize pools.

Sign Up Bonus (8)

New players at Ladbrokes have the opportunity to earn an exclusive Labrokes sign up bonus of up to $1000 in cash using our Ladbrokes Poker bonus code: VIPBONUS. Instead of matching a percentage of the player’s deposit, Ladbrokes issues the bonus amount relative to the number of points players generate in real money online poker games. However, a minimum deposit of $10 (or any foreign currency equivalent) is required to earn up to $1000 in bonus cash.

Players who qualify for the Ladbrokes sign up bonus will have 45 days from the date of their first deposit to collect enough points to earn a bonus from Ladbrokes. The bonus may be claimed at any time during the 45 day period on the Ladbrokes Poker website’s bonus information page, in the “Claim Now” section.

Loyalty Rewards (7)

The Ladbrokes Poker Player Club rewards players at all levels with monthly freerolls and the ability to spend their poker points on multi-table tournament and Sit and Go buy-ins, as well as merchandise available in the Ladbrokes Shop. The more points players earn each month, the greater the rewards at higher levels of the Player Club; allowing players to cash in their poker points, earn a loyalty bonus and enter freerolls with increasingly larger prize pools.

At the highest tier of the Ladbrokes Poker Player Club, players achieve VIP status (10,000+ points per month), entitling them to entry into Ladbrokes Poker’s quarterly VIP freerolls, a 30% loyalty bonus, and exclusive VIP promotions with prizes ranging from electronics to live poker event prize packages. VIPs also receive personal attention from the Ladbrokes VIP managers via msn.

Promotions (8)

Ladbrokes Poker presents numerous online poker promotions throughout the year, the most enticing of which are the live event prize packages that include accommodations and one or more seats in such prestigious tournaments as the World Series of Poker. Players can also earn up to a $500 reload bonus, compete in team championship tournaments, play progressive jackpot STTs and MTTs and even have a tournament named after their screen name by winning one of Ladbroke’s Who’s the Daddy guaranteed tournaments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Support (9)

Customer support at Ladbrokes Poker may be reached through a variety of methods. A very convenient live chat option is available for instant help, as well as a toll free telephone number for the UK, and international phone number for the rest of the world. Players may also contact Ladbrokes Poker support via email.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (10)

Deposits: Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro, Switch, Solo, cashier check, money order, bank draft, personal check, bank wire transfers, Western Union Quick Pay, NETeller, PayPal, Ukash, eNets, Click and Buy and Moneybookers.

Cashouts: Visa, MasterCard (UK only), Delta, Switch, Solo, check, Bacs, Chaps, international transfer, international bank wire, Western Union, PayPal, NETeller, Click and Buy and Moneybookers.

Titan Poker Review

titan poker

Summary (7.7)

Located on the popular iPoker Network, Titan Poker has distinguished itself as a rising competitive force in the international online poker market. While the UIGEA put an end to Titan Poker’s ability to accept online poker players residing in the United States, an extensive promotional effort helped the relatively new online poker site to thrive in a post-UIGEA world.

Offering online poker players enticing rewards and incentives, an ample game selection with the traffic scores to keep the online poker favorites sufficiently active 24/7, one of the most innovative online poker software platforms in the industry, and an exclusive 200% sign up bonus of up to $2000 through EveryPoker.com, Titan Poker’s rapid rise to prominence was inevitable.

Software (9)

Developed by one of the world’s leading software companies, PlayTech, the iPoker online poker platform utilized by Titan Poker is among the most stable and feature-rich in the industry. Superior graphical quality, navigation filters and optimization controls provide an all-round pleasing online poker experience.

Multi-tabling functionality at Titan Poker is top-quality, supporting up to 16 re-sizable and arrangeable tables at once. In game, graphical hand histories allow players to review their previous hands while still in play, and a built-in live chat module provides instant customer support with a single click.

While the download version of Titan Poker’s software is only available for Windows users, Mac and Linux fans may access the Titan Poker games through the website’s instant-play flash version.

Traffic (8)

Among the most populated international online poker networks on the market, iPoker’s traffic scores are often in the high thousands, occasionally peaking with over ten-thousand players online. As Titan Poker shares in the iPoker Network’s traffic, this means plenty of action is always available at Titan’s online poker tables.

Tournaments (9)

Titan Poker offers a wide range of online poker tournaments to suit any size bankroll; from $50 beginner freerolls, to some of the biggest guaranteed prize pools in the industry. The daily schedule of tournaments include freezeouts, rebuys, and turbos; as well as Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7 Card Stud competitions.

Sunday’s $200K Guaranteed tournament is a major attraction, with satellites to the event running daily, or players can buy-in directly for $200+$15. Players who fail to reach the payout structure in the $200K Guaranteed are eligible to participate in the $200,000 Second Chance Freeroll held on Mondays.

Host to the European Championship of Online Poker (ECOOP), Titan Poker also has their hands in numerous prestigious live poker events. Satellites and prizes packages are regularly available for the World Series of Poker, the Asian Poker Tour, the Aussie Millions, the Irish Open and many more.

Game Variety (7)

Supplying all of the online poker favorites – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7 Card Stud – Titan Poker also provides 5 Card Stud; which often receives more traffic in the cash games than its 7 Card counterpart. Fans of Omaha and Stud variants will also be pleased to find Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud tournaments running daily at Titan Poker.

Soft Competition (8)

The level of competition at Titan Poker has always been notoriously soft in the low and mid-limit cash games. Online poker players with some basic poker strategy and table selection knowledge can look forward to padding their bankrolls at Titan Poker.

Sign Up Bonus (9)

Online poker players making their first deposit at Titan Poker stand to gain a 200% welcome bonus of up to $2000 using our exclusive Titan Poker bonus code: free100k. In addition to a 200% boost, new players also receive 4 tokens to Titan Poker’s $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll.

The Titan Poker bonus is released in $10 increments for every 330 Titan Poker Points accumulated from raked cash games and tournament fees paid. Players who claim the 200% Titan Poker bonus will be required to earn the specified number of points within 30 days in order to qualify for the sign up bonus.

Loyalty Rewards (7)

The Titan Poker VIP Club is a 9-level loyalty reward system based on the number of Titan Poker Points players earn each month. Higher levels in the VIP Club give players a point boost, and access to weekly VIP freerolls. The points players collect can be redeemed in the Club Titan Store, and each Titan Poker Point holds a significantly greater value as one ascends through the VIP levels.

Promotions (10)

Online poker promotions are the winning achievement of Titan Poker, with more dazzling and rewarding opportunities for their players than most online poker rooms can afford to compete with. From an unbeatable array of new player promotions to a variety of ways to win live event prize packages, Titan Poker offers enticing incentives for players of every skill and budget level.

Every Sunday, Titan Poker patrons are presented with the opportunity to cash in on a $200K guaranteed tournament, or redeem themselves in Monday’s $200K Second Chance Freeroll. Referring friends to Titan Poker can earn players up to $500 per friend, and players who take down a Texas Hold’em hand with at least three players dealt in while holding four Kings or better (utilizing both hole cards) stand a chance to earn the Top Hand of the Day Bonus (awarded once a day to the best qualifying hand; ie. the first royal flush of the day meeting the promotion’s requirements would win the Top Hand Bonus).

Support (8)

Offering round-the-clock customer support via in-game live chat, toll free telephone for Canada and the UK, an international telephone number for the rest of the world, email, regular mail and fax, players have numerous methods in which to contact Titan Poker’s 24/7/365 customer support team.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (9)

Deposits: Visa, MasterCard, Moneybookers, NETeller, InstaDebit, Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, EntroPay, UseMyBank, PaySafeCard, Sofort, Click2pay, Ukash, WebMoney, Instant Bank, GiroPay, POLi, Click and Buy, Moneta.ru, ECOcard, myCitadel, Ticket Premium. Euteller, Ewire, MultiBlanco, Przelewy24, Boleto Bancario, eKonto, Abaqoos, DineroMail, Neosurf, Santander, Nordea, EPS, EC, eNets, iDeal and Transferencia Bancaria Local.

Cashouts: Visa, Moneybookers, NETeller, InstaDebit, EntroPay, Click2Pay, POLi, Click and Buy, Moneta.ru, ECOcard, myCitadel, Nordea, eNets and iDeal.

Bodog Poker

bodog poker review

Summary (9.4)

Although not accommodating online poker players residing in the US, Bodog Poker is geared toward new and casual players, with highly customizable and easy-to-use software, and plenty of low buy-in Sit and Gos and multi-table tournaments designed specifically for beginners. The relaxed environment, combined with guaranteed tournaments ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 offer recreational online poker players the fun and excitement of chasing a big win, without the pressure and intimidation of competing against more serious-minded, full-time poker players.

Providing numerous incentives to both attract new players and maintain a loyal customer base, Bodog Poker allows online poker players to collect a variety of cash bonuses and other prizes for their patronage. The 100% Bodog Poker welcome bonus awards up to $1000 to first-time depositors, and the loyalty reward system carries the bonuses even further with the Poker Points to Cash feature. Bodog Poker also gives players the enticing opportunity to win prize packages that include seats in major live events.

Software (6)

Privately developed with the novice and recreational online poker player in mind, the Bodog Poker software features intuitive navigation controls and a sleek, clutter-free design. Compatible with most modern Windows operating systems, the Bodog Poker software is free to download, and installation is quick and painless.

Loaded with indispensable options for casual online poker players to enjoy rapid access and speedy game play, the Bodog Poker software includes a QuickSeat option that allows players to be immediately seated in their favorite type of cash game or Sit and Go directly from the Lobby. The software also supports play of up to four tables at once, as well as a full screen mode, and numerous customization options such as table color and sound

Traffic (2)

Open to online poker players residing in the US, the traffic at Bodog Poker tends to peak in the evenings, though a satisfying off-peak turn-out throughout the day keeps the most popular games running. The greater bulk of cash game players are focused primarily in the lower stakes of the No Limit Hold’em cash game tables. Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo also receive a fair amount of interest from Bodog Poker patrons, even in the slower hours.

Tournaments (7)

Running an extensive, round-the-clock tournament schedule, Bodog Poker provides guaranteed tournaments ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 in prize money. Beginner scheduled tournament buy-ins start as low as $4+$0.40, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000. Bodog Poker’s beginner Sit and Gos start at $2.20, paying 50% of the players as opposed to the standard Sit and Go payout of 30% of the players.

The $100,000 Guaranteed runs every Sunday at 4pm Eastern Time, with qualifiers starting at $1. Bodog Poker also features WSOP Main Event prize packages, the Bodog Poker Open Championship Series – and lower buy-in Contender Series – and the King of the Felt Sit and Go challenge.

Game Variety (5)

Players at Bodog Poker will find all of the standard online poker games; Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo. Bodog Poker also makes available to players the less common poker form of 5 Card Stud, however, the 5 Card Stud tables rarely draw much interest from Bodog’s patrons.

Soft Competition (8)

As one of several online gambling options offered by Bodog, a significant portion of players at Bodog Poker are sports bettors and casino players, resulting in some loose action at many of the low stakes cash games. In addition, catering primarily to the recreational online poker player, Bodog Poker is frequented predominately by inexperienced and casual players.

The lack of extensive multi-tabling support at Bodog tends to bore and dissuade experienced grinders and career players, leaving the competition level relatively soft compared to the action at online poker rooms that allow substantially greater numbers of tables to be played at once.

Sign Up Bonus (7)

First-time depositors at Bodog Poker stand to earn a sign up bonus of up to $1000 with our exclusive 100% Bodog Poker bonus with bonus code: free10. Bodog instantly issues 10% of the sign up bonus for wagering upon processing the player’s first deposit.

As the player earns poker points playing real money cash games and tournaments, the Bodog Poker bonus is released in tiered chunks with each poker point milestone achieved. Players are allotted 60 days to clear the entire Bodog Poker bonus.

Loyalty Rewards (3)

Bodog Poker offers loyalty rewards by turning poker points accumulated in real money online poker games into cash bonuses. 100 Bodog poker points are equivalent to $1 USD, and players my convert up to 25,000 points into cash bonuses within a 30 day period.

Poker points are earned by contributing to raked pots in cash games, and by paying tournament entry fees. The minimum number of points that can be exchanged for a cash bonus is 500. Bodog’s standard bonus rollover terms apply to all cash bonuses received by converting poker points to cash.

Promotions (4)

Regular, guaranteed tournaments make up the bulk of Bodog Poker’s ongoing promotions, as well as qualifiers to major live events, and daily $500 freerolls with $1 re-buys and add-ons. Other current and past Bodog promotions include Double Points for players who earn 2000+ poker points in a single month, a rollover-free Bad Beat Bonus of up to $1,000 (100 x big blind) for qualifying losing hands, and a Royal Flush bonus of up to $200.

Support (7)

For questions and support not covered in Bodog Poker’s highly detailed Getting Started section of their website, players can call Bodog’s toll free multilingual customer support line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with a knowledgeable staff member. Assistance is also available via email.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (4)

Deposits: Visa, MasterCard, eWallet Xpress and check.

Cashouts: Visa, MasterCard, eWallet Xpress and check.



Summary (5.6)

24hPoker has had a rapid growth in 2004 and 2005 due to many TV advertisements. This is a poker room which should be recommended mainly to Apple and Linux fans who wish to play in a WSOP or EPT qualifier. This room has its flaws in terms of low traffic and quite unstable software. On the bright side, there’s a lot of soft competition even at higher stakes. Additionally, a Scandinavian poker variant called Soko, is offered as well. Unfortunately, you will find most of the action in the No Limit tables in the world of Texas Hold’em, but if that’s not a problem to you, then you may want to give this room a shot.

Software (3)

The software of 24hPoker did not pass our liking at all. First of all, there are some very serious stability issues which should not be neglected. The application does not handle large loads very well, and during our review, we even noticed that there are flaws with dual monitor support. The graphics are acceptable, but the way the lobby is built is simply unacceptable. For starters, there’s a lot of blank space for no apparent reason. We also dislike the tournament table, which opens up in a separate window. For some reason, the information is displayed in the worst thinkable manner. Despite this, 24hPoker managed to produce a great piece of software, except for its major flaws. Many functions are unique, such as automatic pot increases, auto check/raise functions which randomise the time before act, simply making it more random. Unfortunately, the big downsides help to bring down the score a lot, but solving these issues will make this software climb up quite a bit.

Traffic (4)

24hPoker is not a big player on the market, but the most recent TV promotions have led to some increases during 2005. The user traffic is usually above 2,000 simultaneous connections. At peak hours, this number increases to 3,000. Unfortunately, only one third of the traffic goes to tournaments.

Tournaments (6)

24hPoker host a pretty solid list of tournaments, both scheduled multi tables as well as sit ‘N’ goes. The latter one supports turbo modes, heads-up games and regular games. Entry fees go from $1 and all the way up to $200. If you’re into World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour, you can also participate in qualifiers for $2 and up.5 buy-in to $100. On the other hand, most of these are focused primarily in Texas Hold’em flavours.

Game Variety (7)

24hPoker support a lot of poker game types. The focus is on Texas Hold’em (Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit and Spread) but you can probably find a few Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo games as well. Soko, 7 Stud Card, 7 Stud Card Hi/Lo, 5 Draw and 2-7-3 Draw is included as well. Unfortunately, these rooms are usually empty. Stakes typically range from $0.1/$0.2 to $50/$100.

Soft Competition (8)

The 24hPoker network is usually cast on TV networks and magazines, which is a perfect way to lure fishes to your house. You won’t find much competition in the Omaha rooms, but what’s already there is usually quite average in terms of competition. As for Texas Hold’em, you can find games with 80 % viewed flops even at $5/$10. The number usually stays above 50 %.

Sign Up Bonus (7)

The sign up bonus is 100% of your initial buyin if you use our 24hpoker signup code, up to a maximum of $1000 with 30 days to clear the bonus. To clear it you need to accumulate 200 VIP points per $10. This comes down to about 10 raked hands worth at least $0.50 each for each $1 in bonus.

Loyalty Rewards (4)

You are credited one VIP point for every $0.50 you generate in rake. These points are used for various activities, such as VIP tournaments (which require buy-ins unless you pay with VIP points) and more.

Promotions (4)

24hPoker usually offer daily freerolls ranging from $20 and up to $1,000. Some of these freerolls require a number of raked hands before you can get into action. Referring a friend is quite rewarding as you get $50 added to your account. This is slightly above the average, since most sites offer the same amount, although in USD. There’s also a bad beat jackpot which you can score by losing to a stronger hand.

Support (6)

Support is only available by e-mail. Our tests showed that response times were adequate, usually within six hours. No live chat or telephone support is available.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (7)

Deposits: Credit Card, NETeller, WebMoney and wire transfer.

Cash-outs: Credit Card (refund only), NETeller, WebMoney, wire transfer and check.

888 Poker Review

888 private poker room

Summary (7.1)

One of the most popular online gaming brands in the EU, 888 Poker provides players with excellent online poker promotions, a generous loyalty program, cross-platform compatibility, and plenty of great features. 888Poker.com has a long history of providing secure and reliable online poker services to players throughout much of the world.

At 888Poker, players will find an extensive tournament schedule, many varieties of Sit and Gos, and plenty of cash game action at NLHE and PLO. New players may qualify for a 100% 888 Poker bonus of up to $800 with our exclusive 888Poker promotion code.

Software (8)

The online poker software, provided by 888 Holdings, is fully loaded with all of the standard features, plus a few unique functions. The 888 Poker download is available for PC users, while an instant-play version can be played on Mac, Linux or Windows systems with a flash enabled browser.

One of the most unusual features at 888Poker are the PokerCam tables, where players can literally face-off against their opponents with real-time web cam video at the tables. What’s more, the 888 Genie may instantly and unpredictably appear at any of the PokerCam tables with a mini game challenge for the players, awarding instant cash and other prizes.

888 Poker also displays a status progress bar to show players how close they are to reaching the next status level, or a bonus bar when the player is clearing a 888 Poker bonus so players will see how close they are to releasing the next installment of their bonus. For muliti-tablers, there is an Open Identical button that players can use to open a table of the same stakes and game type in a new window.

Traffic (7)

Only a handful of online poker networks can claim higher daily traffic scores than 888Poker. Despite hosting the traffic of less than ten online gaming sites, the 888 Poker Network boasts thousands of players even at off-peak hours.

The cash game traffic is most heavily concentrated in the No Limit Texas Hold’em games, with a substantial number of players active at the Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables. However, the No Limit Omaha and 7 Card Stud receive considerably smaller interest at 888Poker.

Tournaments (6)

888Poker features an extensive tournament schedule, including regular daily and weekly tournaments, guaranteeds, turbos, satellites, teams, and other special tournaments. Omaha lovers will also find a selection of guaranteed NLO, PLO and PLO8 tournaments available daily at 888Poker.com.

There is also a tremendous variety of Sit and Gos at 888Poker, including Turbo, Super Turbo, Double or Nothing, All In SNGs, and PokerCam tournaments. The Sit and Gos are available in either Hold’em or Omaha games, with buy-ins ranging from $0.02 to $2,000.

Game Variety (7)

Players will find a standard game selection at 888 Poker. The poker forms include No Limit and Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, 7Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. Those looking specifically for Stud cash game action, though, will be hard pressed to find it at 888 Poker.

Soft Competition (9)

Providing a full suite of online gambling products, including online poker, casino games, and sports betting, 888Poker receives a great deal of traffic from players who rely more on gut feelings than strategy. This results in a relatively high concentration of soft competition at 888Poker.

Sign Up Bonus (8)

In collaboration with 888Poker, Poker.org is able to provide new players with the most valuable 888 Poker promotion code for up to $800 in bonus cash with a 100% first deposit match. This 100% 888Poker bonus can be activated by entering our exclusive 888Poker promotion code FREE888 at the cashier when making your first deposit.

The 888Poker.com bonus will be released into the player’s account in $10 increments for every 100 Bonus Points earned in real money online poker games or certain casino games. Players can track their progress with the built-in 888 bonus meter above the tables.

In addition to the 100% 888 Poker bonus, new players will also receive entry to $100,000 First Depositors’ Challenge, the $1,000 Depositors’ Freeroll, and seven $500 First Depositors’ Freerolls as part of 888Poker’s Welcome Package.

Loyalty Rewards (7)

888Poker rewards player loyalty with cash and merchandise in a tiered VIP program. As players participate in real money cash games and online poker tournaments at 888poker.com, they earn Reward Points and Status Points.

The number of Status Points a player earns in a month determines that player’s status level for the following month. At the beginning of each month, the Status Points are reset, and the cycle begins again.

The status level a player achieves dictates the number of Reward Points 888 Poker issues for each $1 paid in rake and tournaments entry fees. The Reward Points are carried over to the next month, and may be used to purchase items from the 888 online store, or exchanged for cash.

Promotions (6)

In addition to the generous welcome bonus and loyalty program, 888 Poker features numerous online poker promotions including freerolls, leaderboard challenges, and live event prize packages. Monthly bonuses, team tournaments, and big money guaranteed prize tournaments also add to the fun and entertainment at 888Poker.

Players at the 888 PokerCam tables may receive cash or other prizes when the 888 Genie suddenly appears to engage players in a variety of mini games. New players can enter the $100,000 First Depositors’ Challenge, where the top 10 players win entry in the $100,000 Sunday Challenge.

Support (4)

Customer support is provided at 888Poker via email only.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (10)

Deposits: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Delta, Bank Transfer, CashUp, ClickandBuy, Chinese Debit Cards, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, eNets, Entropay, Laser, Neteller, Netpay, PayPal, Pay&Play;, PayBox, Postepay, Kalibra, Moneta.ru, Skrill (Moneybookers), WebMoney, Qiwi, eWire, Abaqoos, Boleto, Dankort, Diners Club, eKonto, Giropay, iDeal, PayPoint, Nordea, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, POLi, SEB Pank, Sofort, Swedbank, Ukash, FundSend, DineroMail, LobaNet, Fast Bank Transfer, Instant Banking, InstaDebit, Multibanco.

Cash-outs: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Delta, Bank Transfer, CashUp, ClickandBuy, Chinese Debit Cards, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, eNets, Entropay, Laser, Neteller, Netpay, PayPal, Pay&Play;, PayBox, Postepay, Kalibra, Moneta.ru, Skrill (Moneybookers), WebMoney, Qiwi, eWire, Wire Transfer, Bank Draft, WebMoney.

Celeb Poker Review


Summary (7.8)

With a long reputation for customer satisfaction, CelebPoker features superb online poker promotions, tremendous online player traffic, and plenty of cash bonuses for VIP players. CelebPoker offers millions of dollars in tournament prizes each month, and many other incentives to keep players engaged.

The online poker room shares in the iPoker Network player pool, providing nonstop action in NLHE and PLO tournaments and cash games. The PlayTech-based online poker software is solid and well-rounded, with many optimization features.

Customer service is prompt and friendly, and available by telephone 24/7. CelebPoker also provides a plethora of deposit options to accommodate players in any part of the world.

Software (8)

Celeb Poker uses the platform developed by PlayTech, one of the world’s leading developers of online poker software. The CelebPoker software is stable and richly featured, with graphical quality and navigational ease held in high priority for user-friendly poker entertainment.

Multi-tabling is well supported at CelebPoker, with up to 16 re-sizable tables. Players can also view graphical hand histories at the table to review previous hands. Unfortunately, there is not a download version for Mac or Linux, nor an instant-play option.

Traffic (7)

Partnered with one of the most heavily trafficked online poker networks in the industry, CelebPoker sees a substantial player volume in the Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha cash games and tournaments. However, as you move away from the most popular poker forms, the traffic dwindles significantly.

Tournaments (7)

Tournament lovers will find a large variety of tournaments at CelebPoker, from $25 freerolls to the $200,000 Guaranteed on Sundays. Other guaranteed tournaments at CelebPoker include the $60K Rebuy every Friday, $40K Freezeout on Saturdays, $40K High Roller Monday, $40K Super Tuesday and $30K Rebuy on Wednesdays.

There is also a full range of other tournaments to be found at CelebPoker, including live event qualifier, online poker series, and Sit and Gos such as progressive jackpots and steps.

Game Variety (7)

Players will find the expected Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud games at CelebPoker, but despite the overall traffic volume on the iPoker Network, Omaha Hi/Lo and 7 Card Stud receive very little traffic. 5 Card Stud is the only uncommon game offered, but is usually empty.

Soft Competition (8)

Due to the sheer traffic volume and constant flow of new poker players joining iPoker partnered online poker rooms, soft competition is not hard to find at CelebPoker. Browse through the table statistics in the lobby to find the loosest tables in the low and mid-limit cash games.

Sign Up Bonus (10)

All new players who sign up at CelebPoker with our exclusive CelebPoker coupon code VIP2000 will receive the maximum CelebPoker first deposit bonus available; 200% up to $2000. Simply enter this unique CelebPoker coupon code in the field labeled Coupon Code, and your first deposit will earn you this generous Celeb poker bonus.

The CelebPoker bonus is released in $5 increments for every 300 CelebPoker Points accumulated. Players will have a total of 30 days upon triggering the CelebPoker bonus to clear as much of the total bonus as possible. First time depositors will also receive 2 $2,500 freeroll tokens within 72 hours of depositing.

Loyalty Rewards (7)

The CelebPoker VIP Club rewards players with cash bonuses and exclusive freerolls. The VIP Club is open to every player, and automatically issues VIP Club points for real money cash game and tournament play.

As players climb the tiers of the CelebPoker VIP Club, the rate at which they earn VIP points increases. The more points you collect, the higher your VIP status, and the greater the cash bonuses and tournament tickets that are available to you at CelebPoker.

Promotions (8)

One of CelebPoker’s largest attractions are the plentiful promotions for cash game, multi-table and single table tournament players. Over $20 million dollars are offered each month in guaranteed tournament prizes, and the Sit ‘n’ Go Jackpots can rake up huge prizes.

Aspiring live tournament players have the chance to win seats in major live events around the world, or compete in the iPoker Online Poker Series with $1 million in prizes. Players also earn extra cash playing cash games, MTTs and SnGs at CelebPoker, and may enter weekly and monthly VIP freerolls.

Support (8)

CelebPoker offers award winning telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service may also be contacted via email.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (10)

Deposits: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, Switch, Solo, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, iDeal, POLi, WebMoney, Moneta.ru, Ticket Premium,EcoCard, myCitadel, InstaDebit, UseMyServices, Paysafecard, Ukash, Entropay, Online Bank Transfer, Bank Transfer, Euteller, Abaqoos, Multibanco, Teleingreso, Boleto, Santander, Dankort, eNets, Intercash, DineroMail, Sofort, Giropay, Gluepay, ELV, Nordea, Neosurf, Mister Cash, Przelewy24, EPS, eWire, eKonto, LatamBilling, Internet Banking, Lobanet, eCard, Sporopay, Trustpay, ToditoCash, Transferencia Bancaria

Cashouts: Visa, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, Entropay, InstaDebit, Click2Pay, Click and Buy, POLi, Moneta.ru, ECOcard, myCitadel, Nordea, eNets and iDeal.

Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365 Poker

Summary (7.0)

Since 2001, bet365 has been providing quality online gaming entertainment. While the bet365 sportsbook is the prominent feature of the site, the bet365 poker room offers superb software, round-the-clock online poker action, and plenty of promotional incentives.

The PlayTech-based software is secure and reliable, with a user-friendly interface, and plenty of support for multi-tablers. Bet365 also features a poker toolbox to help online poker players analyze and improve their game results and bankroll management skills.

Overall, bet365 is well established, reputable, and provides all of the accoutrements online poker players expect, with a few extra perks.

Software (8)

Based on the PlayTech online poker software platform, bet365 is regularly updated with new features. The lobby is user-friendly with intuitive navigation and a full array of filtering options. Tables can even be filtered according to the player’s currency preferences. Multi-tabling is supported for up to 16 re-sizable tables for the serious bet365 Poker cash game specialist.

Hand histories are available, as well as a buddy list, player notes and table stats. A variety of table customization options are provided at bet 365 to allow players to tweak game performance. Bet365 also features a Poker Toolbox to help players improve their online poker game, including statistical assistance and bankroll management.

Traffic (7)

Partnered with the iPoker Network, one of the largest and most heavily trafficked online poker networks in the industry, bet 365 receives an enormous flow of online poker players from many parts of the world. Cash game and tournament action is available 24 hours a day at bet365, with most of the cash game traffic centered around the No Limit, Fixed Limit and Pot Limit Texas Hold’em tables.

Tournaments (7)

Tournament enthusiasts will find a wide range of online poker tournaments available at bet365 Poker. From freerolls with cash prizes or seats to larger tournaments, to big money guaranteed tournaments and live event qualifiers, bet365 has a vast array of tournament types to choose from, including 7 Card Stud and Omaha tournaments. Those who don’t have the time or patience for multi-table tournaments can enjoy the much shorter Sit and Gos, including Steps and Jackpot SNGs.

Game Variety (8)

All of the popular variations of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud games are supplied in the bet365 software, including Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and Razz. However, most of the online poker traffic at bet365.com is focused in the No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em cash games. In off-peak hours, all other poker forms tend to be almost completely devoid of traffic.

Soft Competition (9)

The level of competition at bet 365 is fairly mixed, ranging from extremely loose players in the micro and low limits to veritable rocks throughout all stake levels. The bet365 poker lobby allows players to view statistics such as players per flop, average pot size and hands per hour, making it relatively easy to spot which tables are predominately populated with soft players.

Sign Up Bonus (7)

When new players sign up at bet365 Poker they have the opportunity to enter a bet365 bonus/referrer code. Our exclusive bet365 Poker bonus code VIP1000 will allow players to receive the highest possible bet365 bonus match on their first deposit; 200% up to $1000. Simply enter this bet 365 bonus code in the field labeled Bonus/Referrer Code on the bet365 registration form.

The bet365 Poker bonus is released into the player’s real money account in $10 increments for every 1,000 merit points earned playing real money cash games and tournaments with an entry fee. Any unreleased bonus cash will expire 60 days after the initial qualifying deposit. If a withdrawal is requested before the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus and all attributed winnings will be forfeited.

Loyalty Rewards (7)

The Bet365 VIP Scheme rewards players with four status levels that increase the range of and value of the VIP rewards; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platimun. Merit Points can be redeemed for cash or tournament tokens. Additionally, the bet365 Diamond Club is an elite, invitation only club providing exclusive services and benefits to bet365’s hand-picked members.

Promotions (8)

The online poker promotions at Bet 365 include Premium Tables, the $50,000 Freeroll Frenzy, and low buy-in satellites to big money guaranteed tournaments. Premium cash game tables allow players to climb the Premium Cash Ladder for up to $1,000 in cash bonuses every week. The $50,000 Frenzy Freeroll provides hundreds of freerolls in which players can win seats in $10,000 Guaranteed tournaments, or buy in directly for $10+$1.

Support (7)

Bet365 customer support may be reached via email, call back, telephone, fax, and live chat. The support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Deposit & Cashout Methods (10)

Deposits: Visa, MaterCard, Maestro, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Laser, Solo, Neteller, Moneybookers, PayPay, InstaDebit, Click2Pay, MoneyTT, Ukash, PaySafeCard, EntroPay, 1-Pay, Asia365, bank wire transfer, FastBank Transfer, Western Union, Cashier’s Check, check

Cashouts: Visa, MaterCard, Maestro, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Laser, Solo, Neteller, Moneybookers, PayPay, InstaDebit, Click2Pay, MoneyTT, 1-Pay, Asia365, bank wire transfer, FastBank Transfer, check