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Vince Van Patten

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Vince Van Patten
Vince Van Patten, one of Hollywood Pokers leading stars, has played in some of the biggest cash poker games and tournaments in the world. Nicknamed King of the Hollywood Home Games, Vince is the current host and commentator for the nationally televised World Poker Tour, but his work as a poker impresario is only one facet of a remarkably diverse career as an actor, producer, director and world-ranked tennis pro.

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Vince Van Patten: Julio Iglesias songs going off in his head right now.

Vince Van Patten: It's like one of those Hollywood directors at an audition: 'Thank You for coming!'... and then you're out the door...

Vince Van Patten: I want this guy doing my taxes!

Vince Van Patten: He looks like he could be in charge of the collection plate at church - but don't let him fool you.

Vince Van Patten: You can go your whole life playing poker and not be dealt a big pocket pair like that. (Referring to a Q-Q hand)

Vince Van Patten: Look at the expression on Paul Phillips' face. It looks like someone told him that he had to take a colonoscopy.