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Poker Strategy

Weekly poker strategy articles
Every week we publish a new poker strategy article focusing on an important or interesting topic. Be sure to check back for the latest updates to improve your own understanding of poker strategy.

2nd April, 2012
$25K Chip King Freerolls at Carbon Poker

Every Sunday in April, Carbon Poker will be holding Chip King Freerolls with a combined prize value of $25,000.

29th March, 2012
$250K April Cash Point Races at Titan Poker

No Limit Hold'em cash game players st Titan Poker can take home a share of more than $250,000 in prizes for three weeks in April.

28th March, 2012
Daily Lock Lotto Drawings at Lock Poker

Throughout March and April, Lock Poker will be holding three Lock Lotto drawings every day, with prizes such as Lock Poker tournaments and more.

27th March, 2012
PKR Adds Facebook Freerolls

PKR members with an account on the popular social networking site, Facebook, now have access to exclusive regular freeroll tournaments at PKR.

27th March, 2012
New Winner Poker Ultimate Sale Promotion

The new Ultimate Sale promotion at Winner Poker offers discounted buy-ins for regular scheduled online poker tournaments during the first week of April.

19th January, 2010
Full Tilt Poker unveils new Rush Poker game

Awarded as our top poker room with the industry's best software, Full Tilt Poker has launched a unique and exciting game mode called Rush Poker.

4th November, 2009
World Series of Poker 2009

A round-up of the World Series of Poker 2009 and the players who made it to the final table. Will Full Tilt Poker's Phil Ivey go down in history - again?

3rd May, 2007
U.S.: Alternatives to Neteller

This guide will shed some light on the jungle of deposit options, which is in fact far less complicated than you may think. We take a look at what some of the largest poker rooms offer and how you make the transaction.

2nd August, 2006
Speed Limit Texas Holdem

I recently made the mistake of entering an online tournament just before the end of registration without paying attention to the structure. This article takes a look Speed Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments.

2nd August, 2006
Internet Poker Tournaments

How to turn from being a not so good poker tournament player to becoming one. It's the quest of becoming the best all around poker player.

5th July, 2006
Troubles in Limit Holdem

The tendency of many players is to overplay any hand with two face cards, especially after seeing 26 straight hands like 72, 83, 43 and J2. This is the trap I had fallen into.

12th June, 2006
Did Phil Ivey make a mistake?

It was down to two handed with Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey, and Greenstein had a very large chip lead with the blinds quickly eating away at Ivey's stack. Ivey was dealt Q 2 off suit and Greenstein moved all in.

7th June, 2006
All-In or Fold SitNGo Strategy

There are many strategies involved in playing a Sit N Go. One that I tried was to either fold or go all-in until I reach top 3 at the table.

7th June, 2006
Beware the Early Position Limper

In no limit Texas holdem play; I am always concerned about players from early position who limp into the pot. In my experience, there are two kinds of hands that do this.

7th June, 2006
Ace High on the River

Though it isn't often the path to higher profits at the poker table, there are certain situations where it is correct to call a bet on the river with only an Ace high hand.

23rd May, 2006
WSOP Qualifiers

Though the main event at this years World Series of Poker is still a couple months away, I decided it was time to start playing in a few satellite tournaments.

12th May, 2006
New Players' Unpredictability

One of the areas of my game that requires constant watch over is the way my current opponents are playing and my estimate of their abilities.

2nd May, 2006
Learn When to Quit

Just when you start thinking you are above things like that in poker, it blindsides you in a rush. Here is my most recent wake up call.

24th April, 2006
You Must Raise with AA Pre Flop

Yes, 100% of the time, you must raise pre flop with AA. I am sure that I have covered this somewhere before, but it is so important that I felt a refresher was in order.

17th April, 2006
Chopping the Blinds

I don't chop, even when the room where I am playing allows it, but there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you keep it consistent.

10th April, 2006
Limping with Aces

I do not recommend limping with pocket Aces with the exception of a few very specific situations and I almost never limp with them.

3rd April, 2006
Inducing a Bluff

One of the most underrated and overlooked skills in Texas holdem, particularly no limit Texas hold em, is getting an opponent to bluff at a pot when you have a better hand.

27th March, 2006
Poker vs. Video Poker

Correct strategy on some video poker games returns over 99% to the player. As it turns out, this whole plan may have been a mistake on my part.

20th March, 2006
Poker Forums

If you have bothered to look around, you may have noticed that there seem to be thousands of poker forums online. These range in size from very large, with thousands of people online every day, to very small with only a few posters, and of course every size in between.

19th March, 2006
Pot Odds For Beginners

The first step is to determine how many outs you have. For example, if you have an open-end straight draw, you have eight outs and if you have four to a flush you have nine outs. The next step is..

12th March, 2006
World Series of Poker 2006

Though the World Series of Poker, often abbreviated WSOP, is still a few months away, there are hundreds of satellite tournaments running both online and off for seats to the $10,000 buy in main event.

5th March, 2006
Kids Playing Poker?

Should we allow children to play poker? And if not, what makes it different from, say, chess?

3rd March, 2006
No Limit Heads-Up Tournaments

A strategy guide to the No Limit Texas Hold'em heads-up tournaments. Do you have what it takes?

3rd March, 2006
Adjusting Play in Mid-Game

Have you ever thought of what your play style is like in the middle of a tournament?

3rd March, 2006
The Drunk, Obnoxious Opponent

The majority of opponents who appear to be drunk are highly profitable to play against.

12th February, 2006
Satellite Tournaments

As the World Series of Poker has become more popular, the Internet based poker rooms have started running satellite tournaments for entry into the main event almost as soon as the previous years series is completed.

12th February, 2006
Triple Draw

I sat down in a Triple Draw game for the first time. It was fun, but painful at times as well.

12th February, 2006
A Little Poker Trivia

I decided to play in a small tournament the other night and the following hand played out.

9th January, 2006
Fold equity

Though I have mentioned it in passing before, I wanted to discuss the concept of fold equity in more detail.

2nd January, 2006
Tournaments or ring games?

Are you a tournament or ring game player? I still play tournaments, and even do well occasionally in them, but I am a ring game player.

28th December, 2005
Disregarding stakes

The best players are able to completely disregard the stakes, or amount of money in play.

21st December, 2005
Overplaying small pairs

I entered a small no limit Texas holdem tournament the other night and on the very first hand the following situation came up.

12th December, 2005
Dominating a table

When I watch poker tournaments on television, I often see a player that is dominating a table.

5th December, 2005
Large pots vs. small pots

The great majority of players make decisions at the poker table without considering the size of the pot.

28th November, 2005
Betting a drawing hand?

One common tendency of players, especially at the lower limits, is to check and call with drawing hands.

21st November, 2005
Play money vs. micro limits

People often ask me if it is a good idea to play poker at the play money tables when they first start playing online.

15th November, 2005
Freerolling in Omaha/8

If you are even the least bit familiar with internet poker, you know what a freeroll is, or at least you know what most people think of when they hear freeroll.

8th November, 2005
How to play pocket kings

The second best starting hand in Texas holdem is pocket Kings, or as they are sometimes referred to, pocket cowboys.

31st December, 1969
$500K Poker Race Trophy

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