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Pacfic Poker Games Guide

Pacfic Poker Holdem Texas Holdem is by far the most popular type of all poker games and that includes on Pacfic Poker. All poker rooms support it with No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit.

In Texas Holdem, you are dealt two cards and face up to nine other players. With these cards, you must combine the best possible combination along with five community cards, that are handed out in a flop (three cards at one time), a turn (only one card) and the river (the last card). You can obviously only use five cards in total to create anything from pairs to royal straight flushes, however, you are not required to use your personal cards, or just one if you like.

Pacfic Poker Omaha Omaha is the second most popular poker game on the internet. It is very similar to Texas Hold em, but differs with four personal cards instead of just two. Once you are dealt these four cards and placed your bets, the flop will come, then the turn and last, the river.

The other rule of thumb is you may only use two of your personal cards in play and three of the community cards to create the best possible hand. Once again, just like in Texas Hold em, anything goes from pairs to royal straight flushes or high cards.

Pacfic Poker Stud Stud Poker is one of the least played variations of online poker, but it is supported at Pacfic Poker and therefore, we explain how it works. First, complete forget anything you know about Texas Hold em and Omaha. You are dealt two cards at first round before the bets. One is faced upwards for everyone to see while the last one is for your eyes only. After this, betting begins.

In 7 Stud Poker, you are dealt another three cards faced up, with bets between each and every card that is dealt. The last two cards are your private cards and are dealt separately as well. When all cards are dealt out, the last bet ends the game and the best poker hand wins. Anything from pairs to royal straight flushes or high cards results in a win.