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Daniel Negreanu

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Daniel Negreanu
What were you doing at the age of 21? While most people go to their regular jobs at that age, Daniel Negreanu decided to move to Las Vegas and become a professional poker player. Since then, poker has been the center of his heart. But it hasnt always been a game of cards for Daniel. At a younger age, he aimed at becoming a professional pool player, but his dreams were crushed and he dropped out of school. To survive, he started playing at illegal poker games around Toronto, Canada.

Daniel proved to be a fearsome player at the tables. Unfortunately, his skills in front of the tables brought little luck until 1998, when he made his first appearance in World Series of Poker. He won a bracelet in Texas Holdem Pot Limit and became the youngest champion in the history of WSOP, at the age of 23. This entry to the poker scene earned him the nickname "Poker Kid". The year after that, he won the United States Poker Championship. In 2001, he finished at 11th place at the WSOP Main Event.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus CodeIn 2004 Negreanu repeated his success and added a grain of salt to that. He won yet another World Series of Poker bracelet and finished in the money at five other events. In addition, he won the Borgata Poker Open and the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, both earning him a total of $3,0 million. He was awarded the ESPN Player of the Year as well as the CardPlayer Magazine Player of the Year awards. All the winnings have made him the second most successful poker player in the world.

Besides playing poker, Daniel contributes with literature and has written over 100 columns for CardPlayer Magazine. The Poker Kid has also added his own share of testaments to Doyle Brunsons Super/System 2. If you happen to enjoy Spider-Man, you might be interested in knowing that Daniel has tutored Tobey Maguire.

Daniel is still playing poker, if not more than ever. Besides all his winnings and the literature, he is constantly appearing on television. If you want a share of Daniel, you might also be interested in his own poker game, Stacked, with fully 3D re-animated poker stars in a true poker environment.

Oh, and if you're looking to find Daniel at a tournament, look for a guy with sports clothes, as he is a big sports fan.
Daniel Negreanu: I need some money. You got any money?

Daniel Negreanu: I'm going to go with my read. What tipped me off was, if he had a real hand, he would've bet $30,000 or $40,000. But when he bet $50,000, it's a huge amount, and I'm thinking, 'He really wants me out; he doesn't want to make it easy on me at all.' It led me to believe that he didn't want me to call at all.

Daniel Negreanu: I'm like, 'Oh, no,' ... I check. I'm hoping he bets so I can throw my hand away. But he checks.

Daniel Negreanu: I'm thinking, 'If he has a set, he has a set. Nothing I can do about it.

Daniel Negreanu: He has ace-queen, which really surprised me. He played it the only way he could to get all my chips, because if he bets the flop like he was kind of supposed to, then I would've just folded.